Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing the Sweet Beat

Yet another foodie blog, you may ask?

I say, why not?

I believe there's enough room out there for all of us gourmets, or at least wanna-be connoisseurs. This is especially true when the content revolves around the sweeter side of life; there will never be a superfluous amount of bakeries, patisseries, ice cream flavors, or cupcake recipes.

It is my hope that with this blog, I can test out new recipes and post my results, uncover different desserts that might be worth a try, report upon culinary practices and innovations. After all, this is my beat: the Sweet Beat.

I haven’t yet met a person who loathes the sweeter side of cooking (though I do know many who are baffled at my ability to consume mass amounts of sugar in one sitting), and so I’m certain that there will be something for everyone here, whether it be a recipe or a new cafĂ© that is worth a try.

I’m fortunate enough to live in Brooklyn, New York, and I'm pleased to find culinary wealth at every turn. However, I am not a professional gourmand, nor do I have any gastronomic training. What I do have is a studio apartment with a miniscule kitchen, a tight food budget, and an admitted obsession with chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps my posting here will force me to learn a bit more about the culinary world and fine tune my skills as a baker. With any luck, my friends, family, and co-workers will be ready to take on the role of taste-tester in my head-on jump into the world of baking … after all, living alone in New York is not particularly conducive to mass batches of buttery, creamy goodies.

So I’m off on the long, treacherous path to becoming a bona-fide foodie and correspondent to the luscious realm of sugar.

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