Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Have a great Halloween, all! So last night I found myself with a bag of Halloween M&Ms and, of course, all of the regular chocolate chip cookie ingredients. While I watched "The Halloween Tree" on my computer, I stood in my kitchen baking up these cookies (by the way, this show is surely the greatest Halloween special out there. Ray Bradbury is an amazing storyteller). It's my plan to bring them in for my co-workers today, despite recent jokes about the frequency of my baking. I can't help it, though, if this is what I love to do and the workplace is the ideal place to deposit a mass quantity of my food. Anyway, the same co-workers have no qualms with gobbling down every last cookie I bring in, so I'm pretty sure I simply need to work on my sense of humor where baking is concerned.
Hopefully they'll all enjoy the chocolate chip cookies that I made, and maybe one of them will have a recipe for Pan de Muertos, for tomorrow's Day of the Dead.

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